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Played for over 2000 years, Polo- also recognized as “The Sport of Kings” is one of the only sports that is celebrated and played worldwide, with millions of spectators in the United States alone. Over any other sport, polo not only attracts hard-to-reach affluent decision makers, but families with children, trendsetters, entrepreneurs and businesses owners as well.

Bethpage Polo at the Park takes place in the heart of Nassau County, which is known as one of the wealthiest demographics in America. One of the primary Sponsorship benefits of Bethpage Polo at the Park is the unprecedented access to the VIP Gold Coast attendees as well as the thousands that come by train from Manhattan and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a unique way to promote your business, or for an “outside of the box” type of venue for your next company event, Bethpage Polo at the Park can custom-tailor a sponsorship package, or create an entertainment solution to meet your needs.

Since many have never seen or felt the excitement of a competitive polo match, this type of event is a unique way to entertain your existing client base or to market your brand and business to a rare and highly-coveted demographic. Once your guests have watched a polo match up close and personal, other sporting events will seem uneventful. Watching a game within inches of horses and players going at top-speed, while you and your guests relax in an elegant, luxurious setting truly makes for a special experience like no other.

Whether you are looking for full-service branding exposure, client entertainment or a more hands-on experience with potential clients, there is something here for you. As support for Bethpage Polo at the Park has grown, we are able to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that offer excellent exposure and benefits such as branding, media placement and access to industry leaders in Long Island. All options may be customized to suit the sponsor’s needs and the specific event. Rest assured that we will be there to walk you through each step of the way so you get the most out of the BIGGER and BETTER than ever Bethpage Polo at the Park Experience.

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